Women Empowerment and Resistance Self Defence

Violence against women is a social and family problem, ultimate correction in large scale in these factors is needed unfortunately these changes do not take place in fast pace as required by the present situations. So far, all these efforts have not been successful, if we focus primarily as a prevention strategy from governmental, social, family factors and keep condemning women’s suffering is of no use. Let these changes take place in its speed, parallelly we should solve our clear and ever-present problem of living in fear, fear of assault, robbed or raped, etc.,

Solution is, showing resistance: Communicating resistance strongly and boldly is the art of resistance self-defense, this is an act of non-violence because our motivation is to show resistance (non-co-operation and non-negotiable). Even strong verbal communication can stop the advancement of the perpetrator. Empowerment starts with an assessment of the situation and implementing the levels of resistance for self-defense.When we look at the sequence of events, there is an association between resistance and injury. In general, women resist because of the fear of getting injured. So, the intrinsic expression of women’s feelings we are here shaping into self-confidence.

Self-defence training is frequently cluttered with other kinds of risk reduction pieces of advice. Examples, stay out of public space, do not travel alone, wear moderate clothing, avoid alcohol. On the other hand, resistant self-defense expands women’s range of actions empowering them to make their assessments based on their real-life situations and facts. This freedom allows the women to build situational awareness and they can decide where they go and what they want to do.