E-Learning and R & D

1. Digital archive of Indian Culture and Philosophies :

  • We work with educational trusts and charitable organizations to preserve, archive and promote Indian culture & Philosophies under the banner of Yogamalika and in collaboration with the DayaSagar Trust and Vedanta VidyarthiSanga Trust.
  • We have archived teachings on Upanishads, Brahmasutras, Gitas, and Bashyams taught systematically by Swami Paramarthananda over 30 years.
  • We have specially recorded key mantras (chantings) under the “Divyanadam” chanting series so that anyone can learn the correct pronunciation.
  • We have established data centers and maintained these resource archives. We have organized back up data centers/cloud infrastructure to preserve. 
  • We have constantly used digital technologies. We have converted thousands of teachings/classes that were recorded in tapes to CD’s, CDs to DVDs, from DVD to server archives and today we have a digital archive of all past classes in our data centers
  • We have always used robust recording formats and have preserved the wave format for us to transform into any medium / new data channels.

2. Dissemination of structured learning program in Indian culture and philosophies:

  • We started online dissemination of the knowledge back in 1996 when our first website http://www.yogamalika.org was formed.
  • Yogamalika was established as the official library for the classes of Swami Paramarthananda and we made a mobile library to reach out to these members at the class venue.
  • Yogamalika e-learning program started in 1996 streaming these classes irrespective of cost creed religion free of cost
  • We now have included the “Divyanadam Chanting Series” in many of the digital formats so that anyone can access it from anywhere.