Teachers in PoK stage hunger strike for upgradation in pay scales

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Muzaffarabad [PoK], November 23 (ANI): Protests by as many as 30 teachers continued for the second day on Tuesday in the Chattar in PoK with participants showing no signs of giving up until the acceptance of their demands of upgradation in pay scales, Dawn reported.
Amir Firdaus Awan, secretary general of AJK STO, explained to Dawn while sitting under a small canopy that their organisation had reached its breaking point after the government’s “apathetic and callous” response to their demands, despite a commitment made to them by a ministerial team in June of this year.
“It is regrettable that something that was promised to us in 2009 is still not our lot in 2022,” Awan remarked, making it plain that the teachers’ community would abstain from voting in the upcoming local government elections if the government did not take immediate action to address their demands.
In the Chattar neighbourhood, which is home to nearly all significant government buildings, including the PM Secretariat, Legislative Assembly, and higher courts, the hunger strike camp has been established outside a bustling roundabout. (ANI)