ATEEZ’s ‘Wonderland’ MV hits 100 million views on YouTube

ATEEZ's 'Wonderland' MV hits 100 million views on YouTube

Seoul [South Korea], January 14 (ANI/ Global Economic): K-pop group ATEEZ’s music video (MV) has surpassed 100 million views for the first time.
According to their agency KQ Entertainment, the title song ‘Wonderland’ of ATEEZ’s first full-length album “TREASURE EP.FIN: All to Action,” which was released in October 2019, surpassed 100 million views on YouTube on January 13.
The song “Wonderland” is a final story of their previous “TREASURE” album series. It is a song concept in which ATEEZ marches toward treasure.
Meanwhile, ATEEZ successfully held the 2022 world tour concerts ‘The Fellowship: Beginning of the End’ in Seoul from January 7 to January 9. They will continue the tour in Chicago, the US, on the January 18 (local time). (ANI/ Global Economic)