Paris Police detain 23, use water cannon during rally against ban on filming officers

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Paris [France], November 22 (ANI/Sputnik): Police detained 23 protesters and used water cannon on a thousand-strong rally in central Paris, they participated on Saturday, against a Bill that seeks to ban the making and sharing of footage or images that can help identify on-duty officers.
Tensions boiled over when young demonstrators started throwing rocks and bottles at the officers, shouting “everyone hates police,” a Sputnik correspondent said.
The rally took place in Trocadero square near the landmark Eiffel Tower where a crowd sat on the pavement and occasionally burst out in cries of “Freedom! Freedom!”
After dark fell, the police announced through loudspeakers that the manifestation was over and everyone was to leave the square via designated exits.
Two hours later, police forces moved in to arrest those who lingered behind. The prefecture said on Twitter that 23 people had been detained and one officer lightly injured.
The French parliament voted on Friday to approve the “global security” bill, which will criminalize images of officers taken with the aim of violating their “physical or mental integrity.” Critics argue this will restrict freedom of expression and prevent media from covering protests. (ANI/Sputnik)