Vegetable farmers bearing brunt of lockdown in Ludhiana

[#item_author]Farmers are suffering due to lockdown in Ludhiana. Photo/ANI

Ludhiana (Punjab) [India], April 23 (ANI): The nationwide lockdown has strongly affected farmers in Ludhiana as their produce has been destroyed due to lack of fertilizers and pesticides.
A farmer named Manish has suffered a loss of at least Rs 50,000 after the lockdown was imposed due to COVID-19 spread.
He said that due to the ban on traveling, he was unable to fertilize the vegetables here, also, he has been lacking pesticides due to which insects have destroyed the produce.
“I am producing vegetables for at least 7 years and this is happening for the first time. I am unable to fertilize my vegetables and now the whole vegetable is destroyed. Also, I am not able to give pesticides to vegetables they all are rotten,” Manish told ANI.
“I have suffered a loss of Rs 50,000 this season,” he added.
Speaking to ANI, another farmer Surjanand Mehta said, “I have been cultivating here for about 4 years and now due to lockdown, all the vegetables have destroyed, I am not getting fertilizer, pesticides, and nobody is coming to buy these vegetables.” (ANI)

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