Blue Planet acquires Rudra Environmental Solutions; aims for end to end waste management in Asia

Blue Planet

New Delhi [India], Oct 11 (ANI): Singapore headquartered company, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions has unveiled their strategic acquisition of Rudra Environmental Solutions which owns and operates a thin film plastic waste recovery facility.
The combined entity now provides a comprehensive solution to convert waste plastic into valuable energy and material outputs while focusing on delivering a positive social and environmental impact.
Blue Planet adopts the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ (TBL) ethos of ‘People, Planet, Profit’ throughout its operations and is committed to transparently reporting its impacts and achievements according to environment, social and governance (ESG) standards.
Its operations and reporting process are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a setoff development targets by 2030 adopted by member nations, and the 10 principles of the United National Global Compact.
“Blue Planet’s strategy of creating an end-to-end waste management platform is the only sustainable way of solving the ever-growing waste crisis,” said founder and CEO of Blue Planet Environmental Solutions, Prashant Singh.
“Rudra has been at the forefront of the waste plastic to oil conversion process and is a pioneer in finding solutions for end of life waste plastic, especially thin plastic, which traditionally has no or low monetary value,” said Dr Medha Tadpatrikar, founder and executive director of Rudra Environmental Solutions.
“Reduction of plastic waste and financial viability for our environmentally sustainable technology is the main mission of the company,” she added.
“Rudra has also been involved in social transformation with its NGO partner, Keshav Sita Trust, where we create awareness among the community of segregation at source, and work to uplift lives of marginalized rural women by creating employment opportunities and empowering them,” added Medha.
“We feel that with Blue Planet’s help and expertise, Rudra will be able to achieve greater financial success along with social impact,” said founder and executive director of Rudra Environmental Solutions, Shirish Phadtare.
“We are very excited to have Rudra on-board as it helps us successfully address the ever-growing low-grade plastic waste problem and at the same time leverage the social entrepreneurship model,” added Bharadwaj Chivukula, founder of Blue Planet Environmental Solutions. (ANI)

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