MANTRA is Committed to Design and Develop Interactive, Knowledge- based Architecture to Create “Naturalistic Experience of the Learning Environment” & DISASTER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM WITH special FOCUS in EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION.

Mantra’s R & D team working on the following

  1. Emergency Communication and Disaster Management Program - Land,Sea and Air
  2. R & D in designing and developing distance education program
  3. Designing and Developing E-learning program
  4. Digital Audio Mastering and Archiving
  5. Giving Voice to the Voiceless
  6. Weather-On Demand
So get connected with mantra we have the connecting algorithm to make your dream come true. You may THINK all this connecting algorithm a human invention. At mantra We call it a means for human intelligence.
Weather Station-MYLAI Weather Station-RMYC


The Voice of Mentor

Our vision is to create Global voice to the Voiceless. The idea is to develop a decentralized network of networks on a global scale.

We have identified priority areas in Economic, Social and Educational development, specifically: "

In this season we take this opportunity to greet our audiences, well-wishers and volunteers.

News Views and More

A look back at some of the noteworthy news developments that took place over the past year in the UN system